What is this project

The project aims to support and strengthen HEIs assessment practices in order to enable a better anticipation and management of the transformative change concerning skill requirements the labour market is undergoing. It does so through working on the adjustment of their curricula to those actual needs of the labour market. This project aims at building the capacity of HEI to assess their programs in terms of soft-skill supply, the ultimate objective being to improve the relevance and impact of HEI on its students’ employability.

More about soft skills in traditional learning

Skills refer to what a graduate can do. They can be described in terms of kinds and complexity and include cognitive skills, technical skills, communication skills, creative skills, interpersonal skills and generic skills:

Skill set proposed by Skills4Employability

01. Intellectual skills

Interdisciplinary skills to combine knowledge, analyse and think critically

Problem solving skills


Learning from experience

02. Self-management skills

Planning skills

Time management skills

Change management skills

Taking initiative/ Owernship

03. Oral &Writting communication skills

Multicultural skills

Networking skills

Negotiation skills

Team working skills