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Skills4Employability – Enchancing the presence of Soft Skills in Higher Education Curricula is a project funded by the Erasmus + programme. The project supports universities in their effects to improve the quality of education by adapting curricula to the soft-skill demands of the labour market and, as a result, leverage HEIs’ impact on the employability of future graduates. In other words, the project will strengthen HEIs capacity to assess whether and to what extent their programs match the soft skills that are particularly valued in the labour market. 

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Teamwork Skills

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Introduction The Teamwork Skills are the one of the intellectual skills category identified and listed in the “Guideline for integrating Soft skills in HEIs curricula”. This is the first result…

Negotiation Skills

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“Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate” – John F. Kennedy Introduction The Negotiation Skills are the one of the intellectual skills category…

Creativity: find your own way!

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The project Skills4Employability aims at providing an accurate mapping of soft skills that universities should include in their curricula to foster students’ employability. Moreover, it offers useful documents and tips…

Requirements for soft skills by Lithuanian employers

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The soft skills in Lithuanian labour market are often called as social competences and mostly related to personal, social, learning to learn and communication competencies and abilities to reflect upon…
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Higher Education (HE) is considered to be a decisive asset for finding employment and having successful careers. Following this logic, in its renewed EU agenda for higher education, the Commission highlighted the importance of increasing the number of HE graduates to 40% and placing HE at the center of innovation, job creation, competitiveness and sustainability

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